Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't Forget the Long, Impractical Thing You're Supposed to Say

My mother works for a health care provider, and every year they open their facilities to provide free health screenings to people who don't have health insurance. Isn't that nice? They need volunteers to help out so, on this day when so many people forget that they're supposed to be doing something good in their community, my mother and I decided to give them a few hours of our time.

It was hectic when we showed up, and I felt like I was more in the way than anything for the first hour. Then the first shift left and I had something to do finally. We were all supposed to say this crazy long greeting to everyone who approached us, but no one did. I guess we all silently agreed at how impractical it was.

There was food for us, and a lunch box that patients could take with them on the way out. It was actually very nice. And we all should know how incredibly expensive health care is. What a wonderful thing to be doing for those people who can't afford it. Our county executive came by with lots of people with cameras. And I was very popular. People wanted to know how many community service credits I was getting, and what school I went too, and what I hoped to do when I was out.

After our day, we came home and took a really long nap, saw an episode of Monk, ate dinner, and watched Jurassic Park 3. It's just about time for bed after a day well-spent.

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