Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Printing Errors and Overtime

Never a dull moment!

Yesterday necessitated two and a half hours of sitting at my desk with my eyes stuck open on a spreadsheet and my hand constantly dialing the phone. This morning, with my regular work climbing and left untouched, I was chained by my head to my desk for four hours.

Really! The headset was on my head, connected to the phone, connected to the computer, firmly anchored beneath my desk. I was chained by my head from 0800 to 1205.

Something somewhere screwed up and we ended up with thousands of checks sitting at the office unable to make it to their destinations. Mortgage checks and utility checks and the ever important insurance checks. Every available body was on this issue, including me and my stellar phone skills.

After lunch, I didn't even scrape the surface of my severely backed up work. And let's not even talk about the voicemails that haven't been picked up since Friday, breeding because we've been so busy making calls to get overnight addresses that would couldn't possibly be answering any. I wonder when they expect me to take care of that....

And on the other side of this is overtime. Lovely, wonderful, as-much-as-I-want (for now) overtime.

My eyes are really bloodshot.

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