Sunday, January 06, 2008

Still a New Year

Even if we celebrate one revolution of the wheel at Samhain, we can still celebrate the Gregorian New Year (I celebrate Chinese New Year too). This holiday tends to be filled with far less magickal things.

There is something I do every New Year. Not unlike my annual, Sabbat-based tarot reading at Samhain, I also perform a reading for the year at this time. This reading involves thirteen cards, one for every month and one for the year in general. I used the Hansen-Roberts deck, the deck I use most often.

January's card indicates there is a plan in action. It is slow going and subtle, but present nonetheless. February will be a conflict. There are trials that will need to be overcome. In March, I will start to see the fruits of my labor. My hard work will pay off. April will see a very sudden change, but that leads to May, a time of new prosperity and harmony. June relates to a plan set in motion. Unlike January's subtlety, this one is out in the open. In July, the results of all my efforts will be realized. August will be a period of transition. September will see some setbacks, and it would be really wise to not spend a lot of money. I need to be on the look out for an unfavorable individual in October. I'll take a big chance in November, and December will see something of a stalemate. Overall, for the year, I'm looking at a gradual change. What I want to accomplish is met with obstacles that will need to be overcome.

One might look at this reading and think that means 2008 will be a tough year for me. I'm not going to deny that, but the cards don't show what will absolutely be. They show only one possibility, in a world of possibilities. Not the least of which is that the knowledge of this potential path could change the current course altogether. I do have plans for 2008, and I know they won't be simple. I also know they're going to happen, whether it's a long hard road or not.

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