Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's Wrong With Us?

So aptly asked by my aunt this evening as we were discussing the extinction of animals, and how humans throughout history cause that everywhere we go. That's the priceless question, I think.

I got to more closely describe the little house that will be mine to my aunt and uncle on their short visit, and they're now excited about it too. I'll hear from the sales lady too.

The office party was, well, an office party (that included alcohol). I didn't play as much blackjack as I have in the past because luck just wasn't with me for the night. I kept getting fifteen, and that's one of the hardest numbers to deal with in blackjack. My date, who I'm going to call Han, said we should start celebrating the fifteens instead of the twenty-ones, and so we did. In case you missed it, Turtle couldn't come with me this year, so Han stepped in.

I also didn't dance as much this year as I have in the past. Really, the choice of music wasn't that great, and the DJ played it incredibly loud, even after being asked to turn it down. Party or not, we shouldn't have to shout to each other to be heard during dinner, when he picked the most inopportune moment to play the Electric Slide. We're all too busy eating, and only dancing fools like me stop eating to dance in the line!

We did have a hotel room, and Han and I chatted for a good hour and a half or so instead of actually sleeping. The thing is, I was utterly exhausted from my stressful week, and didn't get much of a nap before party time. While I had wonderful company, my office has thrown better parties.

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