Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Want to Say Slow Down!

But I know I really don't want that.

Yesterday, the time came to fix my ring. This ring was given to me by Kaliis (I talked about her over here) in 1993. She made it for me out of a safety pin and glass beads. I've worn it every day since with the exception of about five (yes, I know the number; two days because I left it at work one weekend, and two or three days when I was sick and didn't put it on. I've put it on for at least a few minutes every day since). A few years ago, I put my ring on and discovered that a bead had broken off. Sometime later, another bead had broken off. Just a couple weeks ago, I was attempting to fix the wire and broke off a third bead. It became time to repair my ring.

I bought some sterling silver wire and found suitable beads to replace the three that were broken and keep as close to the original pattern as I possibly could. I was tempted to switch out a few other beads, but then I realized that would make it no longer the ring Kaliis made for me, but the ring I altered. And since Kaliis has disappeared, the ring that she made for me that I wear virtually everyday is even more special. It also provides a sense of comfort and strength. What a nifty object, huh?

I held my breath through this repairing process. I was extra careful to not lose any of the beads from the original ring, and to keep the pattern in place. The replacement beads are not exact matches, but they are close enough.

I did successfully repair my ring, and none too soon, I think, for the wire it was originally on was starting to weaken. The slightest bend broke some parts clean off. Whew! I showed the finished bit to my mother, who said exactly what I was thinking, "It looks brand new!" I think that's the work of the new sterling wire. It has a brighter finish than the previous wire, and that really shines through the clear and translucent beads. Now, I just have to hope I wrapped it well enough to withstand another fifteen years of wear.

Fifteen years! Amazing! I wonder what Kaliis would say if she knew I've been wearing that thing every day for fifteen years. I wish I knew where she was so I could tell her how much her friendship meant to me.

I mentioned on the 16th that I had applied for a job. There was a message on the answering machine when I got home that they want me to come in for an interview audition. First step: get the day off of work. Check! Go me!

I called the gent back and got an appointment at 0820. GAH! Now I have a mere six days to find a headshot (which I've thoroughly lost), prepare a monologue, prepare a song, tweak my resume, and find the building. GAH!!

Of course, if they hire me, that means new job. And a job that puts my very expensive Bachelor of Arts degree to use. Wish me broken limbs!

Now, there's something funny about all this. I take off my rings when I need to go to the restroom, they last longer when they don't get washed, right? This is what caused me to leave my rings at work for the weekend four-some years ago, so, I started taking them off and leaving them at my desk, nice and safe. I decided to call this recruiter back from my dad's desk, not in earshot of Adolf, and a bit more secluded that would help me calm down the nervousness I felt. I had not yet put my rings back on. When I got back to my desk, I found I did have a ring on, one of three. Who wants to guess which one it was? I guess something in my mind knew I was going to need it while I returned that call.

It does feel like things in my life are moving very fast right now. But I don't need it to slow down, because I think it's going exactly the direction I want it to go.

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