Wednesday, August 03, 2005

At Least There Are Three

That's right, three work days to endure before my weekend. I got to catch up with a friend who recently left the company today. She's hoping I can find a job closer to home, because she knows how much my 50 mile commute is eating away at me.

It sure would be nice, don't get me wrong, but how am I supposed to go on interviews? I have to give my supervisor 2 weeks notice to request off a day, I don't have actual sick leave (it all comes from the PTO pile), and I can't take my lunch break because it would take me an hour to get in the right area. It is beyond frustrating.

I have faith that if it is something I really need, it will happen. Possibly in November (when I had intended to move anyway) I will be able to do some hunting. With the Renaissance Festival coming up, I won't even have kayak time! But, that's also my choice, so I'm not complaining. (Lots of things are waiting for November....)