Saturday, August 06, 2005

Not Early Enough

My parents and I were going to hit the 'yaks this morning, but we didn't get moving as early as we wanted to, given that it takes an hour or so to put the kayaks on the cars as it is. We decided instead to go out and buy a Thule rack system for my car, so I can put Sunshine and the Mirage up on my own if I have to. With them stacked, that was impossible, though I could take them down.

I had to go to a wedding with a friend in the evening, while my dad fitted my car up. The wedding was nice, the bride was glowing, and I spent some time in some less than pleasant company. My godson was infatuated with the little flower girl. He kept calling her is girlfriend. It was very cute. I wish Beth and Dan many years of happiness.

I'm sorry we didn't get the kayaks out today. We won't have time for them tomorrow either. Fooey.