Friday, August 26, 2005

I Love Ya, Tomorrow!

Yes, still getting error messages!

But tomorrow is the official start of the Maryland Renaissance Festival!! Yay! Cheer! Haroo and Huzzah!

I will be returning to the festival in the hat shop, Tall Toad. Our humble store is just at the end of the boardwalk on Mary's Dale Way.

This year, King Henry and his wife Jane Seymour will grace the festival time of the humble walled village of Revel Grove. In honor of the Bard, a full production of the Scottish play will be at the Globe Theater every day of the festival!
Merchants have new wares for selling to enhance your festival experience, as travellers come from far and wide to celebrate with the King and Queen and the merry-makers of our fine town!

The annual festival runs through October 23rd, hope you'll join us!