Thursday, August 18, 2005

I Think

It didn't like me ranting about the bathroom?

In any event, what I wanted to say yesterday was that I did finish my work, bathroom stalls are too small, and I heard a great joke on Sunday. I'll revisit these last points one at a time so as not to upset the blogging powers that be.

So, this performer at the sing-a-long on Sunday comes onto the stage and says, "I am a magician! I am here to magish for you!" When the chuckles die down, he adds, "Just be glad I'm not a wizard!" That was funny!

We had hardly any wind last night, but enough that we didn't rely on drifing. We did encounter one chap on a boat that normally races in the spinnaker fleet, who was just a jerk. We were over the starting line early because he was claiming right of way. He was right, but he didn't have to be an @$$ about it, you know? Some people....

I'm struggling with this book club book. I think I need some good hardy EverQuest tonight.