Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day One

In my attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, I started a two-day all liquid detoxifying and cleansing diet. For two days, I can consume only 32 oz of this special diet juice mixture and at least eight 8 oz glasses of water. No food, no caffene, no tea, just this 'berry flavored' stuff. And it's important that I exercise, so I got on a machine this morning.

Honestly, it doesn't taste bad, a little like the Tropical Diet V-8 that my friend has been drinking. It's got 80% of many vitamins like A, C, B, B12, and others in one 4 oz serving (of which I have 4 a day).

Now, I'm the kind of person who shakes when I need to eat, and I haven't been shaky at all. If I feel hungry, I drink more juice. If I feel like chewing, I drink water. The only thing I really noticed about today is that I'm not sure what to do with myself. I want to work on my obi, I want to play a video game, I want to take a walk (then I remember how oppressive the heat is outside and don't do that).

The diet boasts that one can lose 10 pounds over the two days ( a website that talks about it says 4-14), I'm not expecting to do that, and that's not why I'm doing it anyway. The webiste study recommended doing it once a month.

So far, I'm in pretty good shape, and thinking of food hasn't been driving me crazy. We'll see what happens tomorrow at work.

I turned in my next step of work today! This was much easier than the first lesson, I must say.