Monday, August 22, 2005

Day Two

If you want to know, this was spurned by the blatent failure of 3 months of Slim-Fast.

Today's a bit harder to deal with, because work doesn't distract/stimulate me like home does. Today, I want nachos, chocolate, hot dogs, chocolate, soup, chocolate, beef stew (which I never crave!), chocolate, a bananna, chocolate, Cheerios, chocolate. As you can see, I really want some chocolate! And there's a zip-lock bag of PoundPlus from Trader Joe's sitting in my cabinet at work. GAH!!

It's ok: want chocolate, sip juice. Want Cheerios, sip juice. Want chocolate, sip juice.

My mother and I were going to make bannana muffins soon, I thought we should do it when I get home so I can have one tomorrow morning. GAH AGAIN!! That's crazy talk! We'll make them tomorrow so I can have one fresh from the oven. =)

I can make it, I can make it!