Thursday, August 04, 2005

Still, Still, Still

That was the Bay last night! My friend came out to join us again, and there was no wind! We drifted across the start, we drifted down the first leg, they shortened the race and we sneezed our way across the finish line. He's got one more Wednesday with us, so I really hope we get some good windpower next week. Call the wind, get it blowing! Sailors everywhere need YOU!

That said, I am also still not doing my regular duties at work. We are even more behind and they need me to help catch up. The reason for the more behindness is because OBC got a new bank over the weekend, but we didn't give any overtime to get them fully implimented. That's all on the head honchos. OH! I'm going to add my very first picture to this blog so you can meet Harold and Gertrude! They are a symbol of our company, and have been with us since we moved into this building in December.

I still haven't finished Harry Potter #6. Don't worry, I'll get it done soon! Very soon! Like, Tuesday night. I predict I will finish reading Tuesday night. So says I!