Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Well, I thought I was further through the book than I actually was, so now I'm about halfway through. I will be pretty hard pressed to finish it tonight, but I'll try!

I forgot to mention that I had over 100 jobs waiting for me yesterday! A few more came in during the day, but I got to down to in the 70's. I can catch up if the other group continues to process their own while I do it. One can only hope!

This is interesting: I once called myself a Tarot deck collector. I've been trying to learn the cards again, and I looked through my collection this morning. I have 28 decks of divination cards (some are not official Tarot)! That's a lot of cards! I almost bought two more this weekend, but I bought something else I had been wanting instead. I think my mother and I plan to go and get some things for the car rack and things for the cell phones on Friday, so I'll see if I can swing by a bookstore then. I've been itching to add to my collection that's had 11 years to grow for a while now.

I've got a few things to do on the computer tonight, but I can finish the book if I really put my mind to it!