Friday, August 05, 2005


Ok, have you even been given an opportunity? Something that might have been perfect if you just took the chance? Everyone has permission to bonk me on the head like I just did; I let something go last night that I wish I hadn't. Granted, all is not lost and I can recover, but why oh why did I not take it when it was handed to me?

That's all you're going to get about that, so don't even ask. No use reporting on nothing anyway.

In other news, a very old and dear friend of my father is very sick and going into the hospital sometime today. I am sorry that I'm not going with my father to visit him, but I have nosocomephobia (look it up). I do hope the problem is not what they think it is, but please send our friend some nice healing energy or prayers (whatever burns your bush).

And hugs and health to you all while I'm at it.