Sunday, August 07, 2005

Last Time!

Today was the last RenFaireGroup Brunch in Annapolis until the Festival starts and ends again. My dad and I and our friend went to all 10 brunches, and we call the plan a success. Every year, our circle of RenFaire friends says we're going to keep in touch in the off-season, and every year we fail. I think we very much did not fail this year! This time next month, we'll all be at Faire again! Yippie!

We took the boat tour to three Chesapeake Bay lighthouses, Thomas Point Shoal, Sandy Point Shoal, and Baltimore. If you know me, you know I love lighthouses! And you can only get really close to these by boat. It was very nice. I hope to have an album up on my website soon.

A friend of mine unexpectedly and in a way I could not avoid told me one of the things that happens at the end of HP 6. Thankfully, there's only one book left, but when that comes out, I'm not speaking to a soul until I'm done reading it! *grumble*