Monday, November 05, 2007

And the Point Is...?

Today, the e-mail server went down just as I got back from lunch. All my work comes from e-mail, so there was quite little I could do. After about thirty minutes, Adolf gave me a non-e-mail task until the system came back up. Maybe forty minutes from that, there was a message on my computer that I had been re-connected to the e-mail server. And that was that, I got back to work and announced to my coworkers that it seemed to be working again.

WAM was adamant that it was not working and that it must be a fluke that I could send and receive e-mail again. WAM told Adolf that mine was working, Adolf's was not, and WAM maintained that I had special permissions and that's why mine was working. Special permissions that the supervisor does not have? Give me a break! WAM continued to argue and insisted that I close out the program and re-open it and see if it still worked. Why would I do that? It was working fine! And it could not have been just me, because I was getting work e-mailed to me from other groups, which is how I work every day.

Really, what was the point of WAM arguing? I wasn't seeing work that really wasn't there. And WAM deciding to believe that I'm special wasn't going to bring it back up for everyone. I can't explain why it was working for me and others and not for the people immediately around me. But what's the point of making a big deal out of it? That person is crazy! Adolf sent me an e-mail (from a personal account) teasing me about WAM's arguing. That's one of the things that makes Adolf not a very good supervisor, but I do appreciate that my supervisor knows how crazy WAM is. At least I know Adolf would back me up if WAM decided to complain about me about nothing, as have happened before.

I think the anoles need a bigger tank. I have those two little plants in there, and they really like them. But there is not much room beyond that. The pet store does have a bigger tank. I might have to expand. I'll wait for a month or so on that, I think. The poor little guys had such a traumatic experience the last time I moved them to another tank temporarily, just to clean out this one.

I had to order a special light for them. They don't need a basking light, those will generate too much heat, but they do need a UVA/UVB light to help them produce Vitamin D. They're pretty close to my window and getting some indirect light, but I worry that it's not enough. As soon as I get it cleaned up, I'll move them into another room where they won't be right next to the cold window. They do seem to be doing just fine. I'm so happy that they're happy!

One of my coworkers said I was spoiling my baby dragons. Humph! I'm not spoiling them! I want to give them things that will help them live long happy lives. Isn't that my obligation when I decided to bring them into my home and under my care? And care for them I will!

I had two cups of coffee today. I'm so tired that I'm hyper! I think that means I should try to get some sleep. Let's hope WAM doesn't argue about stupid stuff again.

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