Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mom Had This Great Idea

There's this awesome Irish restaurant somewhat nearby called the Kilarney House. I like to go there for dinner around my birthday, and a big group from RenFest takes the whole place over on the last night of the run. My parents have gone to Sunday brunch there before, but they always seem to go when I'm in Idaho, or on a snowboarding trip or something. This morning, mom suggested we go. Ok!

So far, this place has not disappointed me. Even the pan-o-scrambled eggs, which is generally my most detested of brunch buffet food, was good. And the corned beef hash, and the cream chipped beef (even though it was a little more runny than we tend to like it), and the Shepard's pie, and the pumpkin pie. You can tell I completely ignored my diet this morning!

Afterwards, we stopped by one of the best garden centers around, Homestead Gardens, to see their holiday decorations, which include themed trees (accompanied by racks of those ornaments that you can buy) and a wonderful model railroad. People gather around it and spend hours looking at it. I could spend hours looking at it. What is it about model railroads? As you can see, the set-up is rather cute. I only caught one train going by with my cell phone camera, but there were several.

Fox and I got to play Guild Wars a little bit together when we got back. We found ourselves overwhelmed for a bit there, but managed to complete the mission anyway. Then he went off to play with his friend who gave him the game, and I'm taking a break.

Tomorrow, dad and I are skipping work. Ok, it's not exactly skipping, but we're not going in. And no, it's not so he can spend all day playing WoW and I can spend all day playing GW. Callie started limping yesterday, and today was even worse. We're going to have to make a trip to the vet to find out what's wrong with her poor foot. Taking Callie to the vet, injured or not, requires no less than two people, and sometimes it takes three. Hopefully dad and I can do it without a third person around to help if we need it. And hopefully the doctor is in and can fit her in.

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Good luck with Callie