Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Days Before Holidays

My short day of work turned out to be a rather long day (though it was still shorter than everyday). I was told that, as long as I got certain jobs done, I could leave at 1230. I got all those jobs done at 1100, and barely anything new was coming in.

Right around 1230, someone discovered a problem with the phones. I called dad, assuming he would have to deal with it, and he said he hadn't heard of an issue and would check it out and call me back. A few very short minutes later, he called and said he tested a few things and everything looked fine so "see you downstairs in a few." Ok, that sounds like all clear. I shut down, timed out at 1245, and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

After about forty minutes, I called dad to find out what was going on. See, the point of me calling him before I time out is to be sure he's ready to leave so I don't have to wait around the office not getting paid while he has to stay. Sure enough, whatever that problem was had to be dealt with, and dad didn't have the courtesy to let me know that he was going to be a while. I could have worked another hour, which translates to actual money in my pocket, rather than stand around wondering why he was taking so long.

We also had to drive to the old building because he had forgotten something over the weekend. We were going to do a tiny bit of shopping, namely Trader Joe's for some of their wine which they can't sell in Maryland. After spending so long standing around the office, I just wanted to get home, so we didn't stop there.

I had a headache, took a long nap, missed out on this beautiful day when mom and I could have done a little riding, and still have a headache. At least there's a tomorrow that doesn't involve work.

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