Friday, November 30, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

I started out having an ok day. I spent my morning correcting mistakes made by coworkers and bugging the heck out of Adolf. And I let my tea get cold.

I will have a busy weekend from when I get home today. I have to verify some information, then pack up some boxes and envelopes, and watch my one TV show. Then tomorrow, Callie goes to the vet again (I've rethought being upset at him, we really couldn't have prevented this flare up unless we started some years ago), then mom and I are off to the post office and the store and a few stops in between. Tomorrow night, I have things to make, then Sunday is brunch, and a trip to Trader Joe's and Homestead Gardens. Phew!

One day, the running around all the time will stop.

Monty and I were supposed to make plans for something, but we never actually made any. I promised Turtle I'd visit her some time this month. Ack! Maybe I'll suggest that weekend before Yule. That might work.

And I still dream of a place to call my own in a land where such places are affordable to one income, where there also is income to be had. I don't have much longer before I will force myself out of my house. I have a feeling that means I'll be scraping to make ends meet in a dead-end job for the rest of my life. They housing prices are falling, but they're just not falling enough. Take $100,000 off a $400,000 house, and I still can't afford it. I need to change something, because I'm definitely not doing something right.

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