Thursday, November 01, 2007

Samhain Ritual

My evening started a little later than I would have preferred. My current living situation demands it. Also, sometimes a travel altar must be used, and circumstances called for that last night.

As you can see, I used a purple altar cloth. The pentacle was in the middle, and the symbols of the four elements were around it: a geode for North, a small wand for East, a candle for South, and a shell for West. My most-used tarot deck is close at hand, along with a very special stone that is a combination of prehnite and epidote that was gifted to me by an incredibly special lady. (The properties of this stone aid in divination and healing.) The tool that didn’t make it into the picture is the working wand that I used in this ritual; a small shaft of rosewood that was carved and given to me by a very dear friend (I think it was rosewood. My friend will kick me if I don’t get this right!).
This ritual, when broken down into its components, will seem rather simple. The first task after the quarters were called and the Lord and Lady invited was to meditate and commune with the souls of those who have passed during the previous year. During this part, I was also joined by my guides. They all had messages for me, and I was also open to receive them through the night. (Sorry, these messages are for me!) The second task was giving to the Crone all the things I do not want to carry with me into the new year. These were issues that were causing me much stress and it did not help me to hold on to them. The Crone will then take them with her and turn them into good, positive energy for me and the world.
The last part of my ritual involved a special "Wheel of the Year" tarot spread. Eight cards are placed in a wheel around the prehnite/epidote stone (this stone is a new addition to the exercise, though I do an annual reading every year). The first card covers the period between now and Yule: a hasty retreat, there will be arguments and some uncertain advice, but I am not running as fast as I think I am. The second card is for the time between Yule and Imbolc: it has been a long, slow, and hard struggle, but the destination is in sight if I press on a little further. The next card is for the period between Imbolc and Ostara: there is sorrow and delay, everything will look bleak, but that does not mean it truly is. For the time between Ostara and Beltaine: I will be hard at work at something, this something is seen and appreciated by others, my effort will not go unnoticed. After Beltaine and before Midsummer, I will find someone in my life who can lend me courage and guidance. The period between Midsummer and Lughnasadh will be a preparation, and will be filled with thoughts of the things I will be leaving behind. Leading up to Mabon, I will find myself with new ideas, deep in concentration about some news. The last period between Mabon and Samhain will be reflective and meditative about the things that have transpired.
By the cards, that is the year I am facing. It looks like the first part will be difficult if I let it, but the last half will improve and see things coming my way.
Not a bad way to end the year! And I hope this year will bring all of you the brightest of blessings throughout.

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