Monday, November 19, 2007

Not What I Wanted to Say

I had something else in mind to write today, but instead I'm going to have to rant about work a little.

I've talked about how I have to answer the incoming phone calls and the voice mail box and, while there are two other people who also have to answer incoming calls, I'm the one who gets yelled at if calls are not returned. There is another voice mail box on a line that is supposed to be for information only (i.e. not answered by anyone). People do leave messages on this line and the recording still promises a call back in twenty four hours.

The thing is, this other voice mail box is not the one I answer, and never has been. Apparently, no one answers it. And it seems that no one has ever answered it; despite the numerous times that I have let the bosses know that I do not and never have.

Boss² got wind of this yesterday (even though it has come up before) and decided that the best solution would be to deposit all those voice mails into the box that I answer.

Why, oh, why do they insist on giving the job to the person who loathes doing it? Doesn't it seem logical to find someone else, because the person who hates the job is certainly not the best person for it? And know, it will be impossible to tell if the messages I receive are from this unmonitored line or from our regular line, which means it will be impossible for me to report to the supervisor when people are not answering the phones when they should be.

I so hate this aspect of my job. I don't know why it all has to be dumped on me and the other people on my team never have to worry about checking voice mail. But, I'm just a peon, and I can't afford to be unemployed. So, this shit hole is where I must remain.

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