Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Like Getting a New Toy

OBC is almost done giving everyone a brand new phone to go with our brand new VOIP-compliant phone system. Cheer with me now: Ra.

My department was converted last night, and today was spent choosing ring tones (there are some twenty-five options) and filled with people laughing because we can't remember to answer calls with the computer application instead of the phone.

Since they're not really our toys, I'm sure the newness will wear off soon. I hope this pain in my neck because I don't yet have a headset will wear off soon, anyway.

You know it's bad when all I have to talk about are new telephones at work. Other than that; I'm feeling old. It's going to take my life savings just to move out, and it's kind of pointless because I'm never going to raise a child and I'm going to die alone. As long as someone will take care of the cats and anoles, it's all good.

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