Sunday, November 25, 2007

Beaver Moon

My original plan for this Esbat was to do a cleaning ritual to help me clean up some of the clutter in the physical space I live in. Circumstances beyond my control forced a different kind of ritual upon me.

One of my cats woke up yesterday morning limping. I'm sure she did not injure herself through the night while she was sleeping with me (I'm not the kind of person who flails about in sleep). Her favoring of her left back leg did not improve during the course of the day. So, my Esbat plan changed.

I gathered my supplies, and made sure the cat was on her pillow where she often sleeps, not laying on that side that was hurting her. I gathered my last brown candle, brown being the color of animal healing, my special healing wand, a fluorite pendulum, and some ritual incense. I prepared my ritual bath, which is just a literal cleansing before your ritual. I have special soaps that have been made and given to me for pre-ritual use.

I set the candle and had the wand nearby and cast my circle around us. I lit the candle, and directed the healing energy with the wand to the cat. When I had visualized that to my satisfaction, I took out the pendulum. I was trying to identify the specific areas that were causing her pain. According to the swing of my pendulum, it was mostly in her hip and her toes. I performed an auric scanning, a skill learned in Reiki training, and came to the same conclusion, though her knee also seemed to be a source of pain. I then put my hands over that area for the Reiki to flow where it seemed to be needed. After I was satisfied with that, I closed my circle and dismissed the energies. The candle had already burnt out.

I did not time this ritual; I believe it lasted somewhere in the vicinity of an hour and a half. I am quite surprised and pleased that my cat stayed still for all of it.

Healing rituals such as this should always, always, always accompany the care of a professional. It seems that she has not improved any this morning, so I will be sure to get her an appointment tomorrow.

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