Monday, November 12, 2007

I Feel Like There are Words to This Tune That I Should Know

The tune didn't have a recognizable name, simply "Traditional Gaelic," so we couldn't read the title and know the song.

But my father was right exactly as he said it: "I feel like there are words to this tune that I should know." A literal sentence, spoken on the long drive home from work, that embedded itself in my brain.

There's something that I should know. It feels familiar, it feels regular. And yet, it is unknown. Something just out of reach, not coming to thought, but you know that you know it. What am I missing?

All from this wise metaphorical statement made by my father, talking about a song playing through the car CD player amidst federal holiday non-traffic.

I'm missing something. There are words that I should know. But I don't know.

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