Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm Not Going to Lie

I just had nothing at all to talk about yesterday. Sure, I could have bored you about work (it was really really busy). Or, how the time that Flash Gordon came on had changed and we didn't know about it. Or, even that I'm halfway through my 1,000 cranes. But really, totally nothing noteworthy happened yesterday.

And today started out much the same. My mother and I went shopping, as Saturday seems to be shopping day. First, it was off to the DMV to turn in my old license tags (bye bye, first tags on my first car!). Then it was over to Panera for yummy food, and off to Michael's to get supplies for a new hobby before the usual stuff; Petsmart for more crickets and things, Target, the supermarket.

You're right, if you're thinking I hardly need something else to occupy my already thoroughly occupied time. But, I've been wanting to take this up for a few years now as it is. I know you, gentle blog readers, are just beside yourselves wondering what this thing is.

Look! Soap! How exciting!

Well, as exciting as being clean can be. Actually, these first bars are pretty cool, as I've been able to add my knowledge of essential oils to the mix. That one on the top of the picture is eucalyptus, complete with crushed leaves within. This would be a good bar of soap in the Winter, as eucalyptus is uplifting and will help keeps colds at bay. That one on the left is chamomile, with the dried herb mixed in as well. This one is a good before-bed soap, as chamomile is relaxing and will help reduce stress. That last one on the right is an exfoliate, made with dried sea kelp. There is no essential oil in that one, though. The kelp has its own wonderful scent that didn't need to be enhanced. And, yes, I was being all crafty with a glass of yummy sangrĂ­a nearby.

I've got quite a lot of plans for what I can do with this, as money permits. Neat molds, embossing with rubber stamps, all that jazz. I'll get into candle making too. No wonder I never have any time!

But, hey! At least my time is spent doing things I find enjoyable!

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Willow Goldentree said...

Cool! You'll have to let us know what they're like to use. :) I've always wanted to make my own soap...but have never gotten around to it.