Saturday, November 03, 2007

Through the Woods

The local hiking event that I talked about in August has been on hold through the RenFaire season. Now that we're all done with that, it was time to get back on the trails!

There was much to be done this morning, so we picked a short hike that wasn't too far from home. Mom and Fox and I headed off to the Cheltenham Natural Area for the 1.4 mile trail, and took quite a few detours on our way.

It was a spectacular day to be out. A little cold, but otherwise just right. And this place is so off the beaten path that we did not encounter any other people. There were plenty of birds and small mammals about, and evidence of an active beaver population.

We have four more tails to go, and until the end of November to hike them. I think we will definitely get done in time!

After our nice hike, I had to clean out the dragons' tank and give them some nice new bedding. This proved to be an ordeal that needed the aid of dad and Fox: the dragons are still not comfortable being handled. Particularly Lady Vox, who almost got away from us. I am sorry to say that I completely forgot to take some nice daylight pictures of them. I'm still not done with their little home, I want to pick up some plants tomorrow. But they should be much more comfortable now.

Hectic with everything as today was, it was quite a fine way to spend a day.

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