Friday, November 23, 2007

I Bless the Rains Down in Africa

Today has got to be the most boring day possible at work. I've been ready to take phone calls all morning, but no one has called. Work trickles in, and it trickles back out again. My morning coffee didn't do much for me. And, unfortunately, I forgot to bring my mp3 player to help pass the time.

But, I do have access to the Africam even though the security guys monitor our Internet usage. I don't care, it's preventing me from falling asleep. It was quite a busy day at the ole watering hole in Nkorho Pan.

My work computer doesn't have sound, so I couldn't hear the zebras or the impala, or chacma baboons. I missed a screenshot of a giraffe and some wildebeest.

The baboons were having a grand time today. They found the place that houses the camera and climbed all over the power box attached to a nearby tree. Here's one saying hello.

Now, the Africam is black and white as the wonderful folks at the lodge prepare for their evening. The sky is growing rather dark.

That glow to the left of the tree is lightening. Even without sound, there is something calming and soothing about watching this distant storm. I do wish I was at home to hear it approach, but it's nice to see it anyway. Here, where at least I'm not falling asleep because I'm so bored. And amidst work, I can daydream about carefree creatures in far-off lands

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