Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Hiking

Fox and mom and I have decided that we need to do two hikes in one day in order to finish by the end of the month. We picked two that were somewhat nearby, that happened to be one of the shortest and the longest of all the trails. We also picked trails in a park that we never have launched from and the other in a park where we kayak a lot. It was a good opportunity to scout out the landing in the first park.

The weather was perfect for hiking. It was only slightly chilly, but not at all windy or raining. The first trail took us around a catch and release fishing hole, and we supplemented that with a walk to the canoe/kayak landing. We need to remember to get the combination to the gate next year. We've never kayaked that part of the river.

Then it was a nice lunch and off to the other trail in the park at Queen Anne. The form said this trail was four miles, it was really closer to three. But, it was a rather hard walk, and we were quite tired by the end of it.

When mom and I got home, we both took a nice long nap!

Next Sunday, we're going to try to hit the last two hikes that we need to finish. Fortunately, there are two trails in the same park, and we can also turn in our form and get our cool walking stick right there when we're done. Hopefully, the weather will hold out. If not, we've got one more week to try again.

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