Sunday, July 13, 2008


I didn't feel well today, so I decided to stay home and finish a project rather than go swimming with Pat. I did finish my project, that I had hoped to have ready in June. I'll have to send it for a different occasion. I'll get pictures up for you when I know the intended recipient has it.

Around 1530 or so, my roommate and I decided to take a nap. My roommate said there were two police cars in the parking lot; it looked like some problem with out downstairs neighbors. Police have been called for their disputes before. By the time we both were ready for our naps, there were three cars. About an hour and a half later (we were both awake by then), there was a knock at our door. It was the neighbors on our floor, telling us there was a problem with the downstairs folks and to just call the police if we seen anyone suspicious about. The problem had escalated to five police cars in the parking lot, and neighbors gossiping about someone coming after the resident with a gun.


The neighbors mentioned they have been here for two years and there has never been a problem, and that the downstairs peeps moved in shortly after we did. Hopefully they'll move out and take their troubles with them.

I'm going to be extra careful about the early overtime I've been working though. I tend to leave when no one's around. It was nice of the neighbors to let us know a bit more about what happened and that it's not typical of the area, and to be on the lookout.

I'm still not very worried.

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