Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Because We Don't Know

Doesn't mean we can't celebrate anyway!

We got Callie and Miss Luna around the same time of year (years apart, mind you, but the same time-ish). They were both about six months old at the time that we got them. Six months back put them born sometime in July, and 24 is my favorite number.

I don't know the actual date of either birth, because they were strays and it's impossible to know without knowing someone who was there to witness it. But I can guesstimate, which resulted in picking a day and putting the two together for the ease of it. For all intents and purposes, we celebrate the birthdays of the kitties on this day.

And now, time for a short funny story! Miss Luna and one of my roommates cats, Dréa, don't get along very well. Dréa hisses and growls, and lies in wait at Roomie's door just so she can hiss and growl when Miss Luna comes near. I have a small, barely adequate door stop that keeps my door from closing (it will close on its own if a cat touches it, and you know they rub up against the edge all the time). I don't know how or when it happened, but when I came home yesterday, I found Dréa and Miss Luna trapped in my room! Dréa ran out so fast when I opened that door. Miss Luna just whimpered. They were trapped for who knows how long together! Poor girls!

I love my furry friends, and I hope they have many more years in good or better health.

Happy birthdays, Callie and Miss Luna!

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Happy Birthday too