Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time Time Time

Isn't it always that there's never enough of it?

One of my favorite web comics is running a fan art contest right now, and I'm buzzing with ideas. Some of what I want to do just isn't possible because of what I have available to me (I still couldn't bring my clay from the house because it would have baked in the car during my grandmother's party). I need to run by the store today, so I might be able to pick something up that I can work with.

And in addition to this contest, which I only want to do because my creative blender seems to be on puree right now, I have some more crochet pieces I'm working on. I'm holding out for the perfect yarn for one of them, and slowly getting the others done. I don't want to tell you what it is yet, not until they're done! It's a set, and they're just not complete until they're together. I've also been making spirit dolls, which my roommate has been encouraging me to sell (a spirit doll is a doll of any material, that embodies something you wish to gain or take into yourself: a quality, idea, protection, etc). I have a couple that I've already made that I hope to get pictures for you soon. I want an inventory before I decide to put them up where people could buy them. Roomie and I have also been talking about making and selling drums, which sounds like great fun to me! And I have a few malas waiting to be made, which Roomie and I may also be commissioned to do for a local life coach.

In addition to all of this, that story I had mentioned a while ago has been coming along nicely.

I tell you, I'm not lacking for inspiration, and it's wonderful! All I need is a little extra time.

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