Monday, July 14, 2008

Occasion to Stop

One of my friends is having a baby. Probably at this very moment, or very soon. She has had many complications through her pregnancy (the least of which being going through the first six months not knowing she was pregnant). Last week, she told me that if she didn't give birth by the end of the week, they would induce labor on Monday, today. I think her official due date was to be some time next week, but she's been really struggling the past couple weeks.

She told me she was going to the hospital at 0800, and I promised to think of her and send her some Reiki to help when she got there. I noticed the time, while sitting here in the office, and stopped. I closed my eyes and started with Reiki. I felt my crown chakra, the one through which the Reiki energy enters, tingling. Even for a couple minutes, with the click of computer keys around me, I felt the divine energy flowing through me and to my friend and her soon-to-be-born son.

The sensations I get when working with Reiki energy never cease to surprise me. I've sent Reiki before when I was at work, but I have never felt so instantly and assuredly connected to the recipient as I did right now. I hope this will give me energy for my day as well. And I hope my friend has an exceptionally easy labor and a perfect little son when it is done. I'm waiting for that call.

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