Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dates Approach

Since I started kayaking, I've wanted to kayak somewhere and watch fireworks from my boat. Somewhere, like Annapolis, where people gather on the docks to watch the fireworks over the water. I want to be floating there, watching from the water.

It's been hard to watch fireworks at all in the few years past, because the 4th has been on a weekday, and I couldn't stay up late enough to see anything. Firework displays started after my bedtime. But this year, it's Friday! No work the next day means we can actually watch fireworks this year! While I'd prefer to be in my kayak, as I've been wanting to do for so long, if I just go somewhere to watch, that will be fine too. My parents know what I'd like to do, I'm not sure if they're on board or not. I know I've talked about wanting to do this quite a bit.

And this year, there had better be no jerk rear-ending my car like last year. That made for a really sucky holiday.

No matter the plan, I'll be heading to my parents' house late Thursday. We may get out on the kayaks on Friday(or Saturday, or Sunday) and we may not. Whatever happens, I hope we see some pretty fires in the sky.

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