Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Something Else

Monday night, Roomie and I were talking about the crazy looking guys who expressed interest over the course of my weekend with that dating site. And, when I say they looked crazy, I mean homicidal maniac crazy (not to mention that half of them were as old or older than my dad).

I ran across another site today, which claimed to be completely free. I'm still wondering why I'm thinking about it at all.

Roomie is certain that I'm going to meet someone through that little group-thing that she is in. You know, that's what worked for her. I'm not holding my breath on that. I can name one instance where the hooked-up pair have since separated and one of them doesn't come around much anymore, most of the new members are married or partnered, and the gents that I have already met are unappealing. It's nice that it worked for her.

It's too late for me. I'm not going to spend my life waiting for someone who doesn't exist to come around. Even so, that doesn't stop me getting depressed about it.

If I'm going to die alone, what's the difference if I do it forty years from now or tomorrow?

And I haven't given up yet, isn't that the crazy thing? What do I have to give up anyway? I'll answer that for you dear blog readers: nothing. I can't give up, because I have nothing to give up.

I suppose there's something good in that.

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