Sunday, July 06, 2008

Better Than Anticipated

I really had no exposure to the TV show, but I do remember an endlessly rewound, recorded from TV, Beta tape of Get Smart, Again!. I retained more information about the show from that movie than even my parents remembered.

The new Get Smart was hilarious. Sure, they changed some things from the show (according to mother), but it was just great. Some parts had the small audience laughing into the next joke. That's the test of a good comedy, if you ask non-expert me. It looks like they left it open to do another. If that's in the plan, I hope this one did well enough in theaters to support it.

Dad ended up being too tired (he hasn't yet adjusted to getting up at 0530 even on weekends) so he stayed in bed while mom and I caught the flick. I'm glad we got a chance to see it.

This morning, since I didn't go home, we went to the Killarney House for breakfast and did some shopping at Trader Joe's. Afterwards, I finished packing and headed home. Han had called and made mention of coming to visit me, but it looks like that's not going to work out for today. Maybe later.

My poor roommate was busy moping. Her boyfriend just came by for a couple weeks and was driving back to Idaho early this morning. I find it a little ironic that her friends tease her (and him) about him currently living in Idaho, and now she's rooming with someone who's been there. He might be coming back in October and December, and she plans to visit him in the fall, so we tried to get her some comfort in that (with a little bit of chocolate therapy).

It was a good weekend. Even if I wanted to be home a lot earlier than I was.

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