Saturday, July 26, 2008


Dréa is fully aware of the dragons. For a time, she didn't really pay any attention to them. Recently, she's been jumping on the small cabinet I have them on, and spending some time sitting on their tank. I came home Thursday to find the tank had shifted a little bit on the cabinet. I went to work yesterday a little concerned; if Dréa knocks the tank over and the dragons get out, they're as good as dead. Thankfully, she did not knock over the tank yesterday.

I visited my godson for the first time today. He's so very cute, and almost two weeks old. I watched some movies with LDS, met her roommates, and ended up spending all day there. It was just fine, because my own roommate was having a dinner party. While it's perfectly fine that I be home during it, I wanted to not be around anyway. It worked out.

When I got home, the first thing Roomie said was, "don't freak out, everything is fine." I knew what she was going to tell me next: either Dréa knocked over the tank but it didn't open, or that she knocked over the tank and the dragons got out but have been recovered. It turns out the former was true. She had knocked the whole tank off the cabinet, and it just fell straight down. It didn't tip, it didn't turn over, it just fell. The dragons were unhappy and a little shaken, but appeared to be intact. Somehow, I knew that was going to happen.

We decided to get them on a larger surface, so if Dréa wanted to sit behind the tank, it wouldn't fall off (we suspect that's what she was trying to do). I moved them to the dresser, and the few things on the dresser to the much smaller cabinet. Miss Luna can still sleep on the dresser (and she was a little confused about why the dragons were there and not the lamp and jewelry box), and we're hoping that Dréa won't venture far enough into the room to try to get up there.

I hope this works.

And, Han,

Happy Birthday!

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