Saturday, July 19, 2008

Full Buck Moon

This full moon was so named because bucks were growing new antlers at this time. It was also sometimes called the Thunder Moon, in reference to the many thunderstorms that tend to occur during this time of year.

I had a lot going on for this esbat. My roommate and I were going to hold a ritual together, to rededicate the charm bag I made in February. We decided to wait on that, possibly until next esbat, so I instead set the bag on my windowsill to let the moon cleanse it of the previous intent.

I also had been working on a project with a specific purpose. That purpose has changed dramatically over the past few weeks. That work was also left in moonlight to cleanse and make room for new intent.

After those were set, the real work began!

A new friend of mine had told me that she was not comfortable in her home. She and her husband had lived there for a few years, but it felt like his home, not hers. She did not complain much to him about it because he loved it, but she felt very uncomfortable and unsafe there. I offered to make a charm bag for her, and she acquired most of the ingredients. This will make it much more attuned to her.

I started this creating by gathering my supplies and casting my circle. I sewed a brown cotton bag, brown being the color of homes, with blue thread and a blue hemp drawstring, blue is good for promoting tranquility.

I first added my own ingredients: a hematite to absorb negativity; a carnelian for relaxation; a tiger's eye for grounding, protection, and to ward off ill wishes; and a clear quartz for balance and keeping the energy clean. I then added red rose petals for protection and happiness.

Next came the items that she had chosen: a lovely piece of kyanite for tranquility, cutting through fears, and grounding; a deep purple amethyst for protection and calming, and a mixture of lavender, sage, and rosemary for their protection and cleansing properties. The final touch was a shell that had been carved into a wave charm. She had thought of putting it in the bag, but I decided it would better serve it's purpose outside. I tied nine knots in a piece of white cotton cord for protection, and tied the wave charm to the bag with that.

I should be able to present her home tranquility charm bag to her at Lughnasadh if I don't see her sooner.

I hope all of you had a wonderfully productive esbat!

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