Saturday, July 12, 2008

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

So, I got the protective eye shields, and that helped a lot!

Some time ago, my roommate found a nice branch of windfallen poplar. She made it staff length and sanded it very smooth. She told me it wasn't for her, and gave it to me. My task is to decorate it, carve it, burn it, paint it, and otherwise make it my own.

The bark at the base is shaped in such a way that it looks like a gate. I spend a good part of today burning a design around the gate. It's coming out looking rather nice, and we both love the smell of woodburning. But the smoke got in my eyes. A lot!

I bought the eye shields for when I worked with my rotary tool. It really helped with the smoke! I've only got one part of the staff burned, but I'll try to get pictures for you soon.

I do know that my websites are still down. It looks like they're going through the credit card validation (where they perform a few credit/debit transactions to make sure everything works), so maybe tomorrow or Monday will have everything running again. Now that I know there's a problem, I'm on it! The oddest thing, though, is that my e-mail never failed. If there was an interruption in my service due to billing, why would I still be able to access my e-mail? Well, if things don't get back up and running, I'll as them about that when I call to yell.

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