Monday, July 07, 2008

Getting Some Zzz's

Or not.

Miss Luna kept me up rather thoroughly last night. I was also extremely tired from the weekend and the boxes of books and things I brought with me. She jumped on the drawer chest that is serving as my nightstand and proceeded to gently push the alarm clock towards the floor. That cat knows how much I would have liked to just not get up for work today!

I'm actually in for a little overtime, maybe. Daily stuff is coming in so slow that I might get everything done without needing overtime. It'd be nice for the extra cash, though.

Last Thursday was supposed to be a leave early day. We were given a list of things to do and a time we could leave if our list was done and nothing else was needed. WAM told another super that she was done around 1200, but ended up staying until 1400. She never talked to Adolf, who likely would have told her to help me. At 1530 (my regular leaving time) Adolf told me to go (as if I was going to stay past the normal time). Myself and another coworker were thoroughly pissed off that WAM left and didn't even bother to see if she could have helped me. If it were me, I would have been ordered to help her.

Then, she had the nerve to come up to me this morning and try to complain that Adolf gave her more work on top of the ton she already had to do. I told her she should have been here on Thursday (I know she was, but she might as well not been, given that she didn't make a move to help her team at all). She then tried to boo-hoo that she had to stay until 1400, and I told her I left at the regular time and to go away. She did. Good. I'm in no mood to feign sympathy to the fact that she actually has to do some work today and can't skip out leaving the only other person on her team here to fend for herself.

If that useless oxygen consumer stays away from me for an undetermined amount of time, it will be okay.

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