Sunday, July 20, 2008


Everyone except for Fae and I wimped out of the pool by 2100, an early evening by this party's standards. Fae and I swam for another two hours. We started our own game of volley ball, then played a little pool baseball (that really wore me out!) and then went back to volley ball. I only got out because I noticed dad was falling asleep among the dry wimps who were busy chatting, so it was time to take him home. I'm really surprised that only two of us kept swimming. In years past, there's usually been a group at least floating about into the night (I didn't make it last year, so I'm not sure how late the swimmers swam). I was a tiny bit sore this morning.

This morning was a flurry in itself. I had a handful of big, bulky things (like garden chairs to put on the balcony) to load, then it was off to my Grandmother's 90th birthday party. She had a lot of friends from church over, in addition to my family and my mother's siblings and spouse (oh, and my aunt's friends too). It was fun, there was cake and fruit and I ate a lot of it.

I got home around 1630 and very slowly unloaded the car. It was hot! Now, I think a short movie and a little brandy before bed will be just right.

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