Saturday, July 05, 2008

More To Do

I used to joke with my dad when AAA reports how many people will travel fifty miles or more on any given holiday. It's funny because that's how far we go to work! It's a little ironic, because I have become one of those people. (Ok, it's fifty miles depending on which way I go, if I cut through town, it's about forty miles.)

Since we didn't get to kayak yesterday, we met up with Fox and Queen Anne and got a good forty minute paddle in. It was considerably short compared to what we normally do, but the current was swift, and we were getting tired quickly. It was drizzling rain while we were loading, and then it downright rained while we were out. I actually really enjoyed kayaking in the rain. It was new, at least. I probably could have gone a little further, but it would have resulted in a headache later.

After we were done and cleaned up (and dry!), mom and I hit the stores for our shopping, then the salon for some work, then to the awesome liquor store next door, then to the house again for packing. I was trying to go home tonight, but I didn't get much together. See, there are still things that I can bring with me, mostly to flesh out the condo (like books) and projects to work on (like fabric, paint, my wood burner and rotary tool, that kind of thing). Mom decided she wanted to see Get Smart, so we'll go when she gets back from visiting my grandmother. And I'll do some more packing.

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