Sunday, March 04, 2007

Brunch and Hats and All That Jazz

I'm usually the person who tells everyone when there's anything of note in the sky. It was very odd, last night, almost everyone was beating me to it! My grandmother, my aunt, my uncle. Everyone knew about this eclipse.

I think my family was a little disappointed because it was so dark. Hello?! It's an eclipse! The very nature of the thing means it will be dark! Of course, that made it too dark for pictures. It was an awesome deep red though.

Then we went to the monthly brunch, I bought a new hat (knit cap, to help keep my ears warm in the cold wind). Then we came home and went shopping again. We never made it to the grocery store yesterday, you see, and needed a few things for the week.

I think I'll be working some more overtime this week. While it's sometimes very hard to do, extra cash will help fund this year's trip to Boise. July seems so far away!

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Willow Goldentree said...

YAY! Money for trips! :-D