Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Poor Branwen

The weather has been lovely. We're in the 70's today, and will be tomorrow, and Thursday too. Saturday is looking at a tiny bit of snow with the coldness, it probably won't be enough to do anything. This is good. Because car shopping is on the list of things to do on Saturday.

My mother's little green Saturn, the first Saturn that we had, is sick. It's making funny zipping noises. The mechanic said it needs a new water pump, has something weird about the engine, it's had an oil leak for about a year, and it has constantly squeaky breaks.

This is a '97 model with 185000+ miles on it. We bought it new. Maybe it is time to bite the car bullet. It's a shame though. That little Saturn shuttled me to and from college. And I hope and hope and hope that my car lasts just a smidgen longer than 10 years.

We're going to look at a few small SUV's. Something we could hitch a trailer on and carry a few kayaks around. There are also a few little cars my mother wants to look at, our current method of hauling kayaks works. The Honda CR-V is at the top of out list. I'm slightly jealous, because I'd look good in a vehicle like that. But I love Hedwig too, and want her to last many more years. I'll get to drive whatever mom gets anyway. I'm the official driver, after all!

Here's to you, Branwen! (In case you haven't guessed, Branwen is the name of mom's car. We picked a Celtic one to go with it's shiny greenness!)

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