Saturday, March 17, 2007

What if I bobbed my hair?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, everyone! I hope your day was filled with beer and very few pinches.

We went shopping for a new car for mom and ended up with a slightly-used (expensive) Honda CR-V. It has less than 30000 miles on it and is three years old. That's not so bad. It will take some getting used to; the steering wheel is slightly off-center of the seat, and it has automatic everything. This is the first time that someone in my house will not be driving a Saturn since I got mine in 2001. I'm jealous, it's a really nice, not too big, SUV. In Silver, and it's name is Paddy, in honor of the day.

We tried to go to Bennigan's for lunch but they were playing this awful rap music. I like to say I can take all kinds when I comes to music, but that was the total opposite of what I wanted to hear, and they were playing it so loud and I've had a headache all day. So we went to Red Robin, where they were putting green color in the Guinness. Whatever works!

This evening, my mother and I sat down to a long night of Peter Jackson's King Kong and this is what I found in the couch.

There's a Callie-cat there! I wonder if she thinks Miss Luna can't find her.

Anyway, movie time! Go easy on the beer!

Erin go bragh.


Willow Goldentree said...

I love the new do!

That's a great shot of Callie. :)

Fyrecreek said...

I'm glad it's just a wig! I think it makes my face look fatter than it already is.

It was so funny, I went to sit down and then said "oh my god" in the manner that one says when they see one of their babies doing something incredibly cute, then I started walking away. My mother asked me what was wrong when I came back with a camera. She looks all cute and cozy in there! She crawled into her little cubby last night too. Silly cat.