Friday, March 30, 2007

Not Sure What to Say

I'm having a hard time finding something to blog about today. Yes, the day is young and something may come up later. I really want to avoid ranting about work, but work is getting unbearable.

It's not the job, because I still very much enjoy what I do, I might be getting some help to get caught up, and I'm otherwise not in bad shape. It's the people. It's specifically one person. 1/4 of my group has decided that the other 3/4 should not be in any way associating with each other. I've had problems with some of my coworkers in the past, and they with me but, within the past couple months, I've felt that we've all arrived at a place where we can work together and get a long and respect each other.

But this one person.... This person has picked the most vulnerable of us, WAM, and decided to fill their head with nonsense. Nonsense that is a direct attack on my and another coworkers character. I'm happy to report that WAM is too smart for that and has been sharing e-mail exchanges with me. So, this other coworker, I'll call them Sam, says that we're misleading and offensive to WAM. I don't know where Sam's information comes from, because WAM and I have been getting along fabulously recently.

I don't put much in the opinions that others have of me, but when I learn about it and learn that it is unjustified, I can't help but be quite upset. I was so upset yesterday when this all came out in the open that I barely did any work, I had a migraine and a stomach ache. You can't just not let it get to you, as much as you try. How can one person, insignificant in the grand scheme of my life, have such a strong effect on me?

Well, really it's because I let them. But there are two things, if nothing else, that I am not. I am not a liar, and I am not racist. And I will be damned before I let anyone accuse me of either. Indirectly, this is what Sam has done.

But it will be ok. WAM and I and the other third of us will be talking to Boss² about it, probably Monday. This needs to get resolved before it hurts our productivity more, before it escalates further. There is an employee here who willingly, deliberately, and constantly tries to cause enmity among the group, and it needs to stop now. This is not an ideal work environment.

Tonight, I'll be mixing up a henna potion. Tomorrow, I'll slather it all over my head. Then I'll have a good 4 hours or so to sit around and play with Poser and Vue. Remember that involved scene I was working on? I got some new models that, I think, will put me that much closer to completing it. And I've got time to do it while my hair color settles in!

Toast to Friday, and leaving a very stressful situation behind me for the weekend!

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