Thursday, March 22, 2007

What Doesn't Bend Breaks

I am so glad that the weekend is fast approaching. It won't be much of a weekend because I intend to go into work on Saturday. And I'll be doing a task I'm not looking forward to. But, when you as for help and they say there is none, that means they pay me extra to do it.

Today, my parents and I had occasion to contemplate the fallen branches in our backyard from the ice storm we had a month ago. It was quite confusing. Two branches from the same tree fell in a T pattern, with other trees and their limbs all around it. That must have been some really heavy ice to get that top branch where it was. The force of nature, even its destructive force, can be so awesome.

That small part of forested land has changed a lot since I was young and played among those trees. It's thinner now, much has died and fallen. But the oak is still proud and tall. It's the tallest thing around, actually. If we ever lose that tree, it will be a sad day. As sad as when I lost my maple in the front.

Some things just should last forever. But in my memory, they will.

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