Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ugh, Ugh, and More Ugh.

I've been having generally good days for a while now. Today was not so much.

First, I didn't win the near $400 million lottery. That would have been nice.☺

Also, WAM got wind of a task that I'm supposed to complete that I haven't had time to do. Instead of discussing it with me, they couldn't wait to run over and tell the Acting Supervisor. Now, it really doesn't hurt anything that I haven't done this yet, so there's really no point in rocking the boat. I did 101 jobs yesterday to try to catch up (I'm still very far behind) so the last thing I will tolerate is any of management thinking that I'm not working. If WAM is so concerned, maybe WAM should do it.

Snow started falling sometime in the morning. They were saying 1-3 inches, and it's so cold everything that falls with stick. Through the day, it didn't look so bad, so I decided to go ahead and work my planned overtime.

MISTAKE!! I misjudged this one, I admit, but it's still no fun when it takes 2.5 hours to drive home.

How's that for Wednesday?

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