Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Smoother Days

I finally got accosted by Boss² about my workload and why I am 2 days behind. I had a meeting with Boss² and ActingSup this morning about it. We established that I am doing more than I was when I first had this task, and more than the person who was doing it when they took it away from me. There is no one to pass off my work to, and I understand that (that is also why I was trying not to complain and work overtime to catch up). After throwing around a few ideas to help me get caught up (since I've been behind since I took it over and therefore do not have accurate numbers about what I'm faced with daily), they decided to remove one thing from my daily tasks. My vice, the thing I hate but ironically happen to be really really good at, answering that phone.

I'm happy about this, though I still have to answer the voice mail box. But taking time away from what I'm doing, and I have to get these done in a certain amount of time, puts me further and further behind. One thing down and leave to continue overtime to catch up should help.

Probably not by Monday, though. That's my up-to-date deadline. I'll try.

In other news, time off for my Boise trip has been approved. Can we say 'yay?'

It took some convincing, and I still had to shorten it by about a week, and then move it back, but I'm ready to go shopping for tickets! Yahoo!

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Willow Goldentree said...

Good luck on those tickets and congrats on no phone answering!! Does this mean no phones forever? Or just until Monday? Hopefully it's forever, that'd be kick ass.