Monday, March 19, 2007

I Changed My Mind

After I posted here, I decided to have a better day. And a better day I did have.

No, the work didn't go away. But I didn't stay to work it in overtime either. So I got home, retrieved a very important phone message I had been hoping to get, found pie waiting for me, and that's that.

Now, I have some time to absorb my message, and work on this really elaborate scene I'm doing in Poser (that I started this weekend when I was without the internet), and maybe even do a few more ThanksUSA chapters.

Oh! WAM got this phone call today. They answered the phone like they always do. "Thank you for calling merchant services, this is WAM, how can I help you?" And the person on the other end said, "is this a real live person?" Well, after WAM got off the phone and reported that to me, we had a good laugh about what we might say when someone says that. "No, I am a chinchilla." Or, "No, I am a voice recorder who's name is WAM." Or, "wait, let me check. . . . Yep, still living!" Or, "No, I have traversed to a higher plane of existence. You are speaking to a formerly live person, though." Or, "I was in my past life." We had a good laugh about that.

It was like that time I was working at the pharmacy, I was wearing my employee vest and name tag and I had just finished ringing up someone at the photo counter. The next customer approached and asked the question that all retail store employees hate to hear, "Do you work here?" I said, "No, I'm trying to rob the place, but I can't get this register open." Thankfully, the guy had a sense of humor and admitted to having asked a not so bright question. Then there was that time, still in vest and name tag, I walked out of the "employees only" door and someone stopped me and asked, "Do you work here?" I turned back, looked at the sign on the door, turned back around and said, "I hope so, or I might get in trouble for being back there." This gent also admitted to asking a silly question.

Just don't ever wear a red shirt and khaki something to Target. I've been yelled at by unhappy customers before. Who always look quite flustered when I tell them I don't work there.


Willow Goldentree said...

HAHAHA! I hate being asked if I work somewhere I don't.

We've actually gotten emails addressed to the Goldentree Company, asking us to tell all of our employees what a great job they do. huh?

Fyrecreek said...

Um... Thank you, I will tell my husband and my cats and save a little for me that we're doing a great job?

How odd, I thought it was pretty clear on your site that there are no employees. I guess it just goes to show how observant some people are!