Thursday, March 08, 2007

Slow Down!

When its cold enough to snow, it's probably cold enough to freeze. Yesterday's measly inch of snow wasn't so bad, but this morning was COLD! There were areas around here in the single digits (and single digits as in 1°). And it was foggy, really foggy. So, fog puts moisture in the air, moisture in the air puts moisture on the roads, and moisture on the roads with a whole degree of temperature makes ice. Lots of ice. Ice everywhere.

You would think that people would notice the ice or know it may be out there, but no, that would require logic. And as a result, people were crashing up their cars left and right and backwards and all around. We were actually doing really good this morning, left early with time to clean off my car, until that ...person... crashed right before my exit on the Beltway. This blocked the two left lanes of the Beltway a good, I don't even know; maybe 5 miles. We slowed to a barely moving crawl, and I ended up 45 minutes late.

Thanks people who can't drive on ice!

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